A team with complementary profiles: professionals from the corporate world, the public sector, the university; liberal professionals and consultants.

Photo Béatrice Depeursinge


Consultant and sophrologist, she previously held various leading positions in the medico-social field of assistance and home care in Switzerland, starting her professional career with the practice of social work.

Certified Consultant in Institutional Transformation (Leading Consultation 2 – IFSI, Paris and University of Glamorgan, UK), she participated in several international conferences, including TransformaCtion and F.L.A.M as member and then as staff member.

She then trained in psycho-somatic sophrology in order to broaden her understanding of the links between body and psyche (ISY Diploma, Lausanne).



Graduated in communication for institutions and companies, she is a marketing product manager.

Since 2010 she has volunteered and coordinated volunteers at the Princess Laetitia Foundation. She began an extensive program of in-depth training which led her to participate in several international conferences: FLAM (France), TransformaCtion Access and TransformaCtion Application (France), IRL (Italy) and RTI (Italy).

In December 2016, she took part for the first time in a conference in the role of consultant (IRL).



His career as HR Manager in France and abroad in international groups has made him particularly aware of international dynamics and of field realities and requirements. Then, as a partner and consultant of Avutann which he co-founded, he has worked on the articulation between introspection and authenticity as well as on the commitment and necessity of action.

He graduated from Essec and he is a certified consultant in Institutional Transformation (Leading Consultation 5 – IFSI & University of Bath, UK, School of Management) and is a staff member of conferences such as TransformaCtion and FLAM. He is also the Associate Director of the Sense-Action and Institution conference.

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Currently Associate Professor, Leadership and Organisation Dynamics at the Graduate School of Business Leadership, University of South Africa. Previous roles include lecturing, management and consulting in Australia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Obtained PhD and MBus in Leadership and Organisation Dynamics from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia, MA, University of Melbourne, Australia, BA Honors, University of Cape Town, South Africa and BAdmin, Walter Sisulu University, South Africa.

Has worked as conference staff in France, Ireland, Peru and South Africa.



A graduate in PressTechniques and Arts from the Polytechnic university of Turin, she worked as a graphic designer and artistic director in various advertising agencies, until 2014, when she started her own business. She now works as a consultant for small and medium-sized businesses as well as large multinational corporations.

Since 2010 she has been in charge of Avutann’s communication but also of its partner’s, Motus since its birth. She began her training in 2012 with the FLAM conference (France), then pursued it in 2016 with RTI (Italy) and in 2017 through the participation in IRL’s Application percourse (Italy).

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Currently enrolled at the University of Turin in the Natural Sciences Course, she lives in Colombia where she founded the Actùa Association and leads several entrepreneurial projects.

She volunteered for six years at the Princess Laetitia Foundation where she began a enriching and in-depth training course which led her to work with young people and adolescents in precarious social situations.

She trained as a consultant through several international conferences: Féminité Leadership Autorité Masculinité (France), IRL (Italy) and RTI (Italy), DRI (Italy), SAI (Italy) and is currently following a specialisation course as a Consultant in Transformation of Organisations.



Consultant and advisor in leadership, Avutann managing partner, Italian-French bi-cultural, he has always worked internationally: first as a company manager, specialist of crisis situations as well as M&As and transition situations; then as a consultant.

He has been a member of many staffs in Europe and Latin America and has been the Inspirer of F.L.A.M, the Associate Director and then Director of the TransformaCtion conference.

Founder of Motus, he has directed its main conferences from the beginning.


The purpose of this committee is to accompany the board of directors in moving forward in the association’s life, being a place of encounters and exchanges.

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