RITI international review for the transformation of institutions


The goal of this journal is to provide the systemic school in general and especially the transformation of organizations one with a place of interdisciplinary encounter and debate- sociological, psychological, anthropological, economic, psychoanalytic, managerial – which fully unites the world of academia and research with that of organization consultation practitioners.

The aim is to let the method and its school be known, while opening the perspective to other fields, beyond any dogma.

At the crossroads of research and experience, it also aims at introducing concepts, methods
and intervention tools which are still not well-known yet.

riti international review for the transformation of institutions publishes its contributions in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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This review is led by an editorial committee composed of Antoine Legrand, Angelica Sturiale and Russ Vince, directed by Leonardo Veneziani.

A large number of consultants participate in it, as well as personalities from the academic world including:

Prof. Laurent Bibard, Essec, Paris

Jean-Claude Casalegno, ESC Graduate School of Management, Clermont-Ferrand, France

Dr. Annette Clancy from the Queen School of Business, Ireland

Piero Fassino, President of the foreign affairs committee of the chamber of deputies, Rapporteur on Serbia for the parliamentary assembly of the council of Europe, President of CeSPI, former mayor of Turin and minister, General secretary of DS (2001-2007)

Prof. Angelo Miglietta, associate dean of IULM university, Milan

Prof. Peliwe Mnguni from UNISA University, South Africa

Dr. Daybel Panellas, Cuban Society of Psychology, La Habana, Cuba

Prof. Kiran Trehan from Birmingham University

Prof. Russ Vince, Ph.D., School of Management, the University of Bath, United Kingdom. and School of Management, University of St Andrews, Scotland


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